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String replacement includes Zebra string              $49.99

Cable  "                                              "                    $45.99

String Loop (any color)                                             $6.00

Tie in peep                                                                $3.00

Cut off old serving and re-tie peep                           $6.00

Steel Cables (on older Compound bows)              $40.00

Dacron string (on Recurve bows and older

Compound bows)                                                   $20.00

Genesis string & installation                                   $24.99

Genesis cable "               "                                      $15.00

Genesis tie on nock point                                         $3.00

Set up bows purchased elsewhere               $30.00 & up

Install string  "                            "                    $20.00

Install cable  "                            "                    $10.00

Set up Drop away rest  "           "                    $20.00

Refletching (feathers or vanes)                                $3.50

                    (straight or helical)

Replace one vane or feather                                    $1.50

Inserts                                                                         $.75

Nocks                                                                          $.75

Cut arrows purchased elsewhere (each)                $1.25

Arrows can be customized call for info

We carry Matthews, Mission, P.S.E. and Genesis Bows

Bonnie custom builds all of our arrows . If we don't carry your arrow we can get it for you. We also reflech arrows.


We have sights, releases, quivers, targets, bow cases, broad-heads, target points and much more! We have everything for the NASP program also.

What We Offer

 Bent Arrow Archery has been in business for over 35 years! Our goal is to treat every customer the way we like to be treated. We don't just want to sell you a bow, we want to give you the knowledge to use your equipment right and become proficient with it, whether its for target shooting or for hunting. 

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